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About Us

While looking for great products to represent, I was thoroughly impressed by the number of female entrepreneurs that are doing AMAZING things, which is why it still surprises me that OUR world, the beauty industry, is a $50,000,000,000 industry mostly run by men?!?  Yes Ladies, feel free to fact check me on this!  Women do the majority of the buying in this particular industry, but if you take a closer look, we are not being represented behind the scenes.  What does this mean? It means that the big multi billion dollar companies in an industry geared towards women, continues to be run mostly by men.  Do you really want a man to be in charge of picking your next shade of  lipstick? Okay, so they might not be picking out lipstick, but you get the point.....LOL! 

However, we can, and should "take beauty back".  How?  By directing our dollars to female owned business and products.  Who knows what WE need and love better than US? 

Girl Bosses, Boss Babes, or Local Girl Gangs whatever you want to call it,  I love it! I'm here for it, and I am one of many that represent it!  So, to help show support for female entrepreneurs this online marketplace offers product owned and produced by female entrepreneurs. Together we can re-direct our dollars to support and encourage growth in the female business world.  Even if not here, celebrate yourself by going somewhere and buying female owned. Power of the "P" Ladies! (Purse.... exercise power of the purse!).....xoxox The Product Junkie

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